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There Lilith Relaxes…

Manifestation of a Libertarian Body

“There was a time when you were not a slave – remember? You went around on your own, full of laughter, you bathed with a naked belly. You say that you have lost your memory – remember! (…) Make an effort to recall, or failing that, make it up!”

Monique Wittig, Les Guérillères

Lilith is a character from the Hebrew tradition but she no longer appears in biblical texts. She was supposedly Adam’s first wife and his true equal. As a result of her censured status of being equivalent to the male, she has become the emblem of many feminist groups campaigning through depiction of the female body – a non-conformist libertarian figure who symbolises, not without violence, the opposite of the female standard maintained and highlighted in our patriarchal societies.

Marinette Dozeville has drawn inspiration from this to probe irreverently the porous realms between servitude and freedom, domination and submission. Chaotic, sensual, appealing and stinging, she unfetters herself from all ties and conducts a gradual liberation of the body in the form of wild, organic movement

© Alain Julien

There Lilith Relaxes…

Manifestation of a Libertarian Body

Duration: 50 minutes

From 18 upwards

Production Cast

Choreography and Performance: Marinette Dozeville

Musical Creation and Performance: Uriel Barthelemi

Shibari Instructor: Cyril Grillon

Dramaturgy: Stéphanie Auberville

Artistic Collaboration: Benjamin Duval and Frédéric Xavier Liver

Set Design: Barbara Kraft

Lighting Design: Marine Molard


Yapluka – The Marinette Dozeville Company


Le Nouveau Relax –a subsidised theatre in Chaumont, la Place des Cordes – Paris.

Financial Backing

Studio L’Envers – Brussels, Jerk Off Festival – Paris, Le Manège, a national theatre – Reims, le Laboratoire Chorégraphique in Reims, Théâtre Louis Jouvet – a subsidised theatre at Rethel in the Ardennes and Le Jardin Parallèle in Reims.

The Marinette Dozeville Company has been granted subsidies for development assistance from the Région Grand Est. It is receiving funding from the D.R.A.C. Grand Est (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs for the Great East), the Conseil Départemental de la Marne (Marne County Council), the City of Reims, the Laboratoire Chorégraphique in Reims and the SPEDIDAM.

The Company is in residence at Le Nouveau Relax, a subsidised theatre in Chaumont.

Création 2018


Further information:

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