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Orsa Bruna


First performed in March, 2022, the Orsa Bruna performance was commissioned by the Carreau du Temple for the bear festival at the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris. Echoing the traditional festival which still takes place in the Pyrenees to celebrate the arrival of Spring, Orsa Bruna is its feminist counterpart, which, rather than celebrating fertility and male vigour, appears in the guise of an imposing, unsettling woman, a giant bear who glares at us. Mistress of her domain, she invites us into her lair, plays with us; a bewitching dominatrix both erotic and mischievous, against a background of music by Donna Summer.

The Orsa Bruna performance can interact (as was the case at its premiere) with La Grande Ourse (The Great Bear) visual set-up by Hadil Salih.

Orsa Bruna

Duration: 15 minutes

Production Cast

Choreography: Marinette Dozeville
Performance: Lucille Mansas
Character Creation: Hadil Salih and Manuia Faucon
Music: Donna Summer

Photographic credits: Marie Maquaire



Création 2022