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MU – Season 2

Anatomical Venus

MU goes beyond a production and is a concept of artistic encounters. With this project, Marinette Dozeville wants artistic direction always to be in collaboration with an artist associated with creative work. The collaboration will be the basis for opening up a range of possibilities, extending one’s realm and writing technique to new horizons whilst respecting one’s author’s identity, and relying on other domains to bring out choreography. In this way, a “mue” (in French) or a metamorphosis = an artistic collaboration (MU #1 with David Girondin Moab, MU #2 with Do Brunet), and MU varies with each of its seasons.

MU – Season 2 / Anatomical Venus

Anatomical Venuses are wax sculptures by Clemente Susini at the Natural History Museum in Florence. The skinned or dissected women fascinate us with the ambiguity of their sensual poses. The choreographer and dancer Marinette Dozeville is alone onstage swathed in Do Brunet’s video images. MU – Saison 2 / Vénus anatomique is a choreographic piece interactive insofar as it entails a video mapping apparatus for projection onto the moving body with a system of real-time monitoring and restitution.

It is about questioning the envelope, the skin, the carapace, like so many protective layers or blocks to get through – going from animality to femininity; from wild to civilised; to come out of oneself and return there to visit. Between rites of passage and introspection, MU inspects and distorts its multiple faces. As a spellbinding, enigmatic character, MU explores the phantoms of our unconscious… Just like a sheepskin, visit the inside of this new MU, of this new woman who is still beset by her ghosts… Remove shells and slough off skin as so many masks and layers of protection to access that element of folly which is within everyone, or perhaps that element of innocence or the sacred…

This will go with Debussy’s musical realm, blending with enchanting voices and underlying tension, conversing with angels and demons as if all these layers, sensations and sound textures came from inside this restless, dancing body.

© Alain Julien

MU – Season 2
Anatomical Venus

Duration: 25 minutes

Production Cast

Choreographer and Performer: Marinette Dozeville

Artistic Co-Direction and Video: Do Brunet

Technical Conception and Management: Marc Piéra

Digital Development: Pascal Ruiz

Choreography Assistant: Anne Bogard

Music: Nocturnes by Debussy (Nuages / Sirènes)


Yapluka, The Marinette Dozeville Company


Centre Culturel Numérique Saint-Ex in Reims, Comportements Sonores in Paris, Le Manège – a national theatre – Reims.

Financial Backing

With the support of the D.R.A.C. Champagne-Ardennes (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs), ORCCA (Regional Cultural Office of Champagne-Ardenne), the City of Reims, DICRéAM (Multimedia and Digital Artistic Creation Scheme), Le Regard du Cygne Studio, La Fileuse – Friche Artistique, and the Laboratoire Chorégraphique in Reims.

Création 2014


Further information

MU – Saison 2 / Vénus Anatomique
Radio Primitive, émission du 10 décembre 2014